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Why does Alwar Balasubramaniam create sculptures of his head hanging from a sack, his body tacked to a wall, or himself sitting in a chair that’s stuck in a wall? Symbolism, folks. Symbolism.

His expressive poses are meant to capture a trace of who he was in that moment. He says, “The way to understand the past is only by the traces available [in the present], because we cannot go back. So I started capturing traces.”

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"La Belle et la Bete" (2014) concept art

Who does this castle belong to? Everything here belongs to me.

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La belle & la bête (2014)

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"Do you think with a little patience or maybe out of habit, you could have loved me?" - La Belle et la Bête (2014)

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Rumplestiltskin appreciation week: Day 3 » favorite quotes

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-That seems a weird thing to call themselves.

- I don’t think they meant to offend themselves when they called them that. I do worry about, you know, how far feminism has been set back, but there we go.

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